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Does your swimming pool project have a sporting character? Choose the equipment adapted to your practice to transform your Piscinelle into a fitness room ... whenever you want, alone or with friends!

Endless pool unit

Endless pool machinePiscinelle brings you a highly effective endless pool unit, which is completely integrated with the filtration interface, providing you with a genuine swimming experience. To achieve this, we opted for one of the market's most powerful motors (63m³ per hour) combined with a jet nozzle. This gives the Piscinelle endless swimming unit outstanding propulsion, making it one of the most effective examples of its kind on the market.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"We don't have a huge area of land and wanted to be able to swim properly without having an Olympic-size pool in our garden"
Rose Garnier, owner of a Piscinelle Rd6



Aluminium Aquabike for swimming poolsAquabikes’ benefits are well-known – impact-free muscle strengthening due to water resistance, improved venous return, detox, etc. They are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, people undergoing physiotherapy, or those seeking to lose weight or get fit.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"It's great to have an Aquabike at home – I can use it whenever I want!"
Caroline Richard, owner of a Piscinelle Bo3


Massage hose

Body massage hose for swimming poolsIf you have installed an endless swimming unit, you can also use a body massage hose (length 5m). This hose is ideal for localised massage, allowing you to work on specific parts of the body, enhancing the benefits of water-based exercise such as swimming or Aquabiking.

Body massage hose for swimming pools



Last updated on 06/04/2022

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