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In addition to your Rolling-Deck® or your design copings, we offer you to perfect the spirit of your Piscinelle with decorative elements that will enhance the whole. And why not let yourself be tempted by the curve of the Piscinelle stainless steel water blade and its gentle rustling as the finishing touch to your project.

White LED spotlight

Swimming pool white LED spotlightLighting plays an important role in enhancing the look of your swimming pool. The light emitted by the white LED spotlight creates a spellbinding nocturnal atmosphere perfect for swimming or losing yourself in your thoughts.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"It's perfect for a midnight swim"
Delphine Perrault, owner of a Cr4


Colour LED spotlight

Swimming pool LED spotlight 12 coloursAn automatic combination of LEDs gives you 12 different colours to play with, adding a dynamic dash of light to your Piscinelle pool. You can programme colour change sequences to suit your mood and switch programmes as required using the remote control. Guaranteed impact!

You are sure to spend some unforgettable nights bathed in these magical colours.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"It lights up our garden creating a party atmosphere!"
Isabelle Poitiers, owner of a Piscinelle Cr7b


Water curtain

Lame d'eau de piscine en inox 316LSwimming pool water curtain in 316 L stainless steel The 100% stainless steel Piscinelle water curtain forms an arch of water that trickles soothingly, adding a sublime touch to your moments of relaxation. It is a calming, simple feature designed and distributed exclusively by Piscinelle and intended as an integral part of your swimming pool. Pure bliss guaranteed!



Last updated on 06/04/2022

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