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Packs of shell fittings

Set of swimming pool shell fittingsThe system of shell fittings ensures that water is fully circulated both on the surface and at the bottom of the pool.

It is installed in several locations around the pool based on the number and type of components required, which depends on the volume of water (skimmer, return inlets, wall-mounted main drain, vacuum point).

Pour une parfaite harmonie, les pièces-à-sceller sont disponibles en plusieurs coloris pour s’adapter à la couleur de votre liner.

Technical details

One pack of shell fittings contain:

And always:

Depending of the size of the pool, our expert will adapt the material so your water is always perfect.


Example of shell fittings with a skimmer, conter current and Led light:

Example of shell fittings with a skimmer, conter current and Led light:



Interface de filtration Bt25 en inox brevetée PiscinelleBT25 Equipment:



Cartridge or sand filter

Sand or cartridge filters for swimming pools

Sand filters are traditionally used in swimming pools. They are cheap to run and technically simple and reliable (40 to 50-micron filtration).

Polyester media filters, on the other hand, are the latest filter generation designed to take account of all environmental factors involved in operating them. They are easy to use and offer very fine filtration (15 to 20 microns). Moreover, they enable savings on chemicals and water, with no discharge into the sewage system. As proof of its commitment to sustainable development, Piscinelle offers you this filter at no extra charge.


Electrical cabinet

Swimming pool electrical cabinetReal technical center for all the electrical functions of your Piscinelle, it is very easy to use and install.

Qualitative and made to last, your swimming pool electrical cabinet is made in France.

Technical details


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