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New report: a contemporary night pool

Discover this build whose pure lines, well-positioned lighting, and landscaped setting exude a hypnotic sense of purity.

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Piscinelle x Malak Mebkhout = A dive into 2052…

As part of the Piscinelle Workshop, a space for reflection, inspiration and creativity focused on stylish pool spaces, we are delighted to present the OASIS project, the result of our collaboration with a talented designer, Malak Mebkhout.

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New photo report: A Piscinelle pool with a view of the English Channel…

Facing the sea, this rectangle with reflections combining petrol blue and cloudy skies stretches out serenely evoking peace: it's time for an "invitation to the voyage", as Baudelaire once put it.

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A new Rolling-Deck video on the banks of the Oise

Discover the latest video of the Rolling-Deck moving on a Cr4 Piscinelle (10m²) on the banks of the Oise.

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Piscinelle Gold Award

This pool installed in the heart of the garrigue was chosen for the Piscinelle Gold award with the spotlight firmly on nature and a back-to-basics approach.

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Piscinelle awarded two more Trophies!

Piscinelle adds two FPP trophies to its collection after picking up the awards for the 13th time. Take a look at these two fantastic builds!

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Piscinelle awarded the integration Trophy

Once again, Piscinelle won a prize for the most stylish swimming pool!

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Piscinelle among the winners at the 2017 swimming pool Trophies!

Piscinelle won a Trophy for the quality of its integration in the project presented here!

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