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You can use an indoor swimming pool throughout the year, regardless of the season or time of day.

Build a swimming pool and keep your garden intact

By installing your pool indoors, you can keep your building exterior or garden intact, while enjoying a regular swim. It's also obviously much easier to keep the water clean and control its temperature if your pool is sheltered by a permanent building.

Watch out for damp

You should however install a suitable dehumidification system to prevent moisture generated by your pool from damaging the walls of the building.

Swimming pool in a loft

Our experience of building indoor pools

Piscinelle has installed numerous indoor pools including small pools in central Paris or in a barn adjacent to an old building, a luxury pool in a Moroccan riad, and lap pools.

It's easy to install Piscinelle pools indoors due to their technical features, particularly the prefabricated components that are ready for assembly.

Piscinelle swimming pools are delivered as kits and it's easy to transfer individual components to the installation site even if you have to climb a staircase, cross your living room, or access a deck - anything is possible. No cranes or good lifts are required for transporting components.

Piscinelle's usual standards in terms of detail and finishes are clearly reflected in its indoor swimming pools. These pools are capable of giving full expression to the brand's stirring sense of style.

Here are some examples of indoor pools:



Last updated on 13/03/2024

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