Designers of bespoke eco-friendly pools

The easy way to create your bespoke Piscinelle pool

Each Piscinelle pool is unique and tailored to your project's specific requirements.

We have designed a customisable range of swimming pools making it easier to choose the right options for you and personalise your project as required.

A "Basic" version is offered for each Piscinelle pool including all the equipment required to successfully install and run a standard swimming pool. It's then up to you to decide what to do with your Piscinelle pool surround.

You are totally free to choose and combine whichever options you require for your Piscinelle pool.

For example, you could pick the "Attraction" option, which combines comfort and integration, with an Escabanc step/tanning ledge unit and a choice of liner colours.

Fancy a Zen-inspired pool? Whatever you want, there's an option that meets all your requirements.

With Piscinelle, it's easy to design and cost your project in a fully transparent way using our swimming pool configurator. In just a few minutes you can get prices for your swimming pool and various options (water curtain, pit-mounted slatted cover, heat pump, Aquabike, etc.). For a clearer overview, you can save several configurations and compare them to decide on the total budget you wish to spend on your project.

Last updated on 14/12/2023

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