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A swimming pool project is a full package. An understanding of numerous issues is essential to ensuring its success both in practical terms and with regard to the way it looks and blends with its surroundings. 

Obviously, the size of the pool, its build quality, its position (exposure to sun, presence of trees, etc.), and the location of the equipment box are all key elements to discuss with your Piscinelle Adviser. 

However, just as crucial to ensuring a successful overall design, with equal importance as water colour, is the critical factor of determining what to do with the immediate surrounds of your swimming pool. 

A vast range of options is available. To help you plan this important issue of finishes for the area surrounding your swimming pool, we have provided you with some photos of builds showing commonly used materials and their main characteristics

Wood - stylish and pleasant

Wood is relatively new as a material used in swimming pool design. It has proved a hit due to its stylish, warm, and highly durable characteristics.

Moreover, it is very easy to work and thus provides an easy means of building bespoke fittings. In particular, a wooden surround makes a lot of sense if the pool is equipped with a Rolling-Deck®, which is itself covered in wood planking. 

In the 2020 Piscinelle Guide, wood emerges as the current material of choice for swimming pool projects. 

Please note - the reason wood is so good at storing carbon is that it is a living material. As such, your deck will exhibit traces of the tree's steady growth, with growth rings and sometimes knots depending on the variety chosen. These should be viewed as signs of the material's durability rather than "imperfections". They make the surface of your deck unique, so why not celebrate this in the spirit of the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi?

Most wood varieties go grey over time, sometimes giving them a silvery shine. If you're not keen on this look, products are available for preserving the original colour of the wood.

Here are some examples of pools with wooden surrounds: 

Une grande piscine entourée d'une vaste plage en ipé, bois exotique à la fois robuste, doux au toucher et design.

La piscine est semi-enterrée d'un côté : le bois permet de gérer facilement plusieurs niveaux et de créer des escaliers.

Cr5 hors-sol avec multiples niveaux de terrasses et bardages en bois.

Turf - the pool as a river

In design, less is sometimes more … why not go for a simple stone or wooden border in the middle of a lovely English-style lawn? 

Pools positioned in the middle of a lawn generally occupy a relatively isolated position in the garden away from the house. This makes them small havens of peace where you go and enjoy a natural setting in which someone seems to have left a small slice of river…

Please note - Grass is sensitive to water and it's better to use a pool installed on a lawn for relaxation rather than as a place for children or teenagers to play. In any case, it may be a good idea to lay some stepping stones to access the pool. 

Here are some examples of pools installed in the middle of a lawn: 

Couloir de nage façon bassin provençale avec une simple margelle en pierre au milieu du gazon et un pas japonais pour assurer l'accès au bassin.

Cr7 au milieu d'une pelouse avec un simple de tour de piscine en bois.

Piscine au milieu de la pelouse avec un espace de quelques mètres carrés pour les transats.

Natural stone Natural

stone provides a nice link to the local area and adds a raw, natural feel to your project. A wide variety of shades are available, enabling you to match the stone with your house. 

Stone is a simple and obvious choice of material that's perfect for your pool surround. Depending on the colour of your house, you may wish to choose a light stone such as burgundy limestone or something darker such as blue stone from Soignies in Belgium

Please note - some very attractive artificial stone is also available helping you reduce your costs. Stone is by its nature a hard material and is better suited to "adult" pool use than children's water play or swimming races. 

Here are some examples of pools with natural stone surrounds: 

Petite piscine carrée de 10m² entièrement entourée de pierre naturelle jusqu'au bord de l'eau et dans le prolongement du sol de la maison.

Grande piscine en Belgique entourée de pierre bleue de Soignies qui donne un côté très épuré au projet.

Cr7 en Suisse avec une simple margelle en ipé et de vastes plages en pierre claire locale.

Tiling - a neat and effective surface

Tiling is a classic surface for pool surrounds. However, although it is very popular for indoor pools, it is slightly less common in outdoor projects. 

Nowadays, a wide variety of tiling finishes is available including many new ones, which enable you to integrate your pool in original ways. For instance, you can buy imitation wood tiling, which offers a warm, textured finish with little to no maintenance required.

Generally, the tiling ends at the pool edge and acts as a border. Its sharp lines give it a clean and stylish look, which can work very well depending on the setting. 

Please note - tiles should be laid on a concrete base and therefore require significant building work prior to laying. Care should be taken with pools where children play, as tiled surrounds can become slippery when water from the pool is splashed on them. 

Here are some examples of pools with tiled surrounds: 

Grande piscine dans une maison contemporaine avec un carrelage imitation bois.

Iki avec une margelle en ipé et des plages en carrelage gris ardoise.

Cr10 complètement entourée de carrelage gris foncé



Composite is very similar in appearance to wood and may be of interest due to its industrial and low-cost aspect. 

Please note - composite is poorly suited to regions that experience very hot spells. It can expand and become very hot to the touch. In more temperate regions, it helps reduce time spent on maintenance.  

Here are some examples of pools with composite surrounds: 

Petite piscine avec une terrasse en composite gris ardoise pour un rendu design.

Bo3.5 entourée de terrasse en composite couleur bois neuf.

Cr4 avec une plage en composite gris à deux pas de la mer sur la côte d'Azur.



Last updated on 06/12/2021

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