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At Piscinelle we offer several ways to secure your pool so that you can choose the one that suits you. A question ? Do not hesitate to contact your Piscinelle expert Advisor!



Rolling-Deck – the mobile swimming pool deckThe Rolling-Deck is both a mobile deck and safety system, which can be positioned either over the pool or adjacent to it with the greatest of ease.

This innovative cover/deck is mounted on a set of stainless steel tracks enabling it to slide. A turn of a key or a push of a foot or hand is all it takes to uncover your Piscinelle pool.



Pit-mounted slatted cover

Automatic pit-mounted cover ensuring pool safety.Automatic pit-mounted slatted covers, also known as "pit-mounted shutters", are safe, convenient and unobtrusive, providing the perfect means of preserving your pool's aesthetics.
They are very easy to use, securing your Piscinelle pool in an instant.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"In just one minute, I can relax. It gives me peace of mind when my children are playing with their friends"
Anne-Marie Laurence, owner of a Piscinelle Cr10

Vidéo de l’ouverture du volet immergé de piscine en accélérée… simple et efficace :



Above-ground slatted cover

Automatic above-ground swimming pool safety coverAbove-ground safety covers, also known as "above-ground automatic shutters" are very convenient. They are cost-effective without skimping on operability or safety.

They are both functional and attractive.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"It's convenient and very reassuring. A real joy."
Jean Trouville, owner of a Piscinelle Bo5.5

Example of an automatic above-ground swimming pool cover hidden under a wooden formwork for a perfect aesthetic integration:

Exemple de couverture automatique hors-sol de piscine dissimulée sous un coffrage en bois pour une parfaite intégration esthétique.


Bar-supported safety cover

Bar-supported safety cover for swimming poolsBar-supported safety cover consisting of aluminium support bars and ultra-durable polyester fabric will keep all your loved ones safe (children, pets, etc.). It is easy to position and rests on the side of the swimming pool. It can be rolled up easily using the crank handle. It is compliant with standard NF P 90 308.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"Our grandchildren can play in the garden. We can relax safe in the knowledge that they cannot get into the pool"
Jean Maufort, owner of a Piscinelle Iki L

Example of a grey bar-supported safety cover:

Exemple d'une Piscinelle protégée par une couverture à barres gris ardoise.


Winter cover

Winter swimming pool cover.Your Piscinelle swimming pool needs to be protected over winter and a winter cover is perfect for the job. This covers the pool and its borders. Moreover, it is opaque, ensuring that the water is kept in good condition by preventing photosynthesis. This makes it easier to get your Piscinelle pool back up and running in the springtime. The cover has been meticulously designed with water discharge outlets enabling rain to run off.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"During winter, we cover our swimming pool with a sheet. It's very effective for keeping the pool clean."
Benoit Hubert, owner of a Piscinelle Cr8


Aqualarm V2

Aqualarm V2 for swimming poolsSince 1 January 2004, it has been compulsory under French law for totally or partially inground private swimming pools to be equipped with a standard-approved safety system (Article R.128-2 (1) of the French Building Code).
Swimming pool alarms work on the principle of detecting falling objects in pools and analysing disturbances in the pool. The alarms' integrated software uses advanced signal processing techniques.

Benefits of our swimming pool alarms:


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