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Permission-exempt lap pool

Bruno Choux - Piscinelle CEO and FounderOn a trip to Japan, I was moved by the perfect harmony of the gardens of the Katsura Imperial Villa and the way the architecture opens out onto the garden and connects with it. In tribute to these natural aesthetics, I developed a new, timeless, minimalist design - Iki.
Bruno Choux - Piscinelle CEO and Founder

Iki - a Japanese aesthetic that embodies natural sophistication.


Immaculate finishes - water curtain, borders, underwater lighting, choice of water colour, etc.

A full set of equipment - safety alarm, high quality filtration, handy maintenance kit, etc.

An XS pool that requires no planning permission (except in listed sites).

100% made in France with wood from sustainably managed forests.

New! Iki is now available as an L and XL version! Check out the expanded version of the Japanese-inspired lap pool for larger sites.

Piscinelle Iki dimensions

Model Dimensions Area
Iki 5,49 m x 1,82 m 10 m² Swimming pool without authorization
Iki L 7 m x 1,82 m 12,7 m²
Iki XL 8,5 m x 2,25 m 19,1 m²


Here are some photos of the Iki fully-equipped XS lap pool:

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Last updated on 06/12/2021

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