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Hot water is the guarantee of prolonging the periods of swimming in your swimming pool and of facilitating access to it for those who are more cautious. Depending on the characteristics of your project and your budget, we suggest you integrate a heat pump (economical in use), an electric heater (economical in purchase and silent) or pre-equipment that will allow you to test the pool without heating the first season. Hot water also requires good insulation of your water body: this is the task of the solar cover!

Heat pump

Swimming pool heat pump

A heat pump is the most effective and economical way of heating the water in your Piscinelle pool.

It is based on a simple principle – the pump captures heat calories from the air and transfers them to the water (~4 kW transferred for every 1 kW consumed). Your adviser will recommend a heat pump that is appropriately sized based on water volume and conditions of use, so your water is the right temperature all year round.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"Thanks to my heat pump, I can use my swimming pool until the end of October every year"
Delphine Blain, owner of a Piscinelle Cr6


Electric heater

Electric swimming pool heaterThe simplest solution for enjoying your pool as soon as the sun begins to shine! This highly thermally efficient piece of equipment provides guaranteed bathing comfort in temperature-controlled warm water.

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Customer feedback
"Perfect for our mini-pool"
Richard Stump, owner of a Piscinelle Iki


Solar cover and reel

Solar swimming pool coverMultiple benefits guaranteed. Solar covers (also known as bubble covers) play a key role in maintaining water temperature by harnessing the sun's rays, and limit falling water levels due to evaporation. They also protect against contamination. It is essential to use one to get the best out of your pool.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"It maintains the temperature of our Piscinelle pool overnight"
Antoine Caillat, owner of a Piscinelle Cr6b


Last updated on 06/04/2022

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