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The structure, liner colors, inside steps

Every Piscinelle is made with a 10 years warantie aluminium structure. We suggest here that you choose the bascis of your futur pool : the way its structure will be made, the color of the water and how to get inside and outside.


Our patented aluminium swimming pool structure

Your Piscinelle pool will be made of AW 6063 T66 aluminium.

The aluminium sections are bolted together without any welding. These ribbed, double-skin sheet piles forming the walls fit together with interlocking joints. A lower and upper beam are key components of the structure.

The borders or slats of your deck then fit onto the walls, a hallmark of Piscinelle quality achieved through a patented process helping to increase the rigidity of the pool.



Privilège liner - 10 colours

A selection of water and liner colours for swimming pools

The 30 thou liners that we supply are all composed of PVC and a plasticiser, two components that provide flexibility and stretch capacity. These two major elements are supplemented by other adjuvants that ensure resistance to UV rays and chlorine, and powerful biocides that control bacteria.

A 10-year leakproofness warranty (on a sliding scale) is offered for Privilège liners for usage at 28°C (in accordance with standard NF FN 15.836).

Available colours:



33°C liner - 6 Colours liner

The 30 thou membrane used in Privilège 33°C liners is composed of the best pigments and antioxidants, the most effective anti-fungal agents, and combines high-tech PVC with a highly protective stain-resistant coating. These liners are designed to withstand water temperatures of up to 33°C (in accordance with standard NF FN 15.836-1). A 15-year leakproofness warranty is offered for Privilège 33°C liners (10 years at full rate and 5 years on a sliding scale).
Made in France

Available colours:

Light blue
Caribbean green



Escalier de piscine PiscinelleThe Piscinelle Escabanc step/tanning ledge unit adds a unique dimension of comfort to your Piscinelle pool. It allows you to sit or lie back in different levels of water, providing a luxurious setting for a read or chat.

With Piscinelle, you can customise your Escabanc to meet your exact requirements. For instance, you may require it to be wider so more people can enjoy it, narrower, positioned widthways or even lengthways… it's up to you!

Technical details

Customer feedback
"We wanted wider steps so we could all sit together comfortably. Believe me, this is where we spend a lot of our time now."
Bertrand Papin, owner of a Piscinelle Bo6.5



Stainless steel ladder

Stainless steel swimming pool ladderA stainless steel ladder is ideal for small pools in which an Escabanc step/tanning ledge unit would take up too much room.
It enables easy access and can be made to blend in!

Technical details

Optional – articulated anchor.

Customer feedback
""We wanted to maximise the play area. A ladder is ideal!""
Pierre André, owner of a Piscinelle Bo4.5"



Last updated on 06/04/2022

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