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We developed Cr so we could offer large basins enabling our most athletic customers to get the most out of their pool. Naturally, all Piscinelle's usual aesthetic and technical features also appear in this traditional, contemporary swimming pool model. The Cr range is offered with a choice of three Escabanc step/tanning ledge unit models.

Special Iki series - the permission-exempt XS lap pool.

Piscinelle Cr dimensions

Model Dimensions Area
Cr2.5 2,5 m x 1,82 m 4,6 m² Swimming pool without authorization
Cr3 3,16 m x 1,82 m 5,8 m² Swimming pool without authorization
Cr3.5 3,45 m x 2,5 m 8,6 m² Swimming pool without authorization
Cr4 4 m x 2,5 m 10 m² Swimming pool without authorization
Cr5 5,04 m x 2,93 m 14,8 m²
Cr6 5,99 m x 2,93 m 17,6 m²
Cr7 7 m x 3,45 m 24,1 m²
Cr8 8 m x 4 m 32 m²
Cr9 9 m x 4,5 m 40,5 m²
Cr10 10 m x 5 m 50 m²
Cr12 12 m x 5,5 m 66 m²
Cr14 14 m x 6 m 84 m²



Most of our models are available with wall heights of 1.25m, 1.36m or 1.47m. The water level is approximately 10cm below the top of the wall.

If your project entails specific installation challenges or you would like to build a bespoke swimming pool, we can handle it! Piscinelle is a swimming pool manufacturer and will help you produce a pool with dimensions that fully meet your requirements.
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Last updated on 19/12/2023

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