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Style is in our DNA

With its cleanly designed swimming pools built on straight lines and right angles, Piscinelle espouses a contemporary, harmonious approach to pool design. Since day one, this drive to supply designer products that always reflect the latest trends has been hardwired into the company DNA.

Our vision involves taking a holistic approach to design, encompassing both a project's aesthetic dimension and practical intelligence in terms of issues such as space management. That's why we've developed solutions like the Rolling-Deck that create a modular area optimally meeting the requirements of projects in the most confined spaces.

When developing Piscinelle products, priority is systematically given to ensuring that swimming pools blend in seamlessly with customers' gardens.

Finally, our unique vision of design is applied right from the very early stages of planning your Piscinelle pool, with priority automatically given to eco-friendly materials and practices ensuring that we offer you an eco-responsible swimming pool.

Our inspirations

Piscinelle embodies a certain aesthetic and constant creativity. Bruno Choux, the brand's founder, is a true creative with a passion for beautiful objects.

Evidence of this can be seen in the Iki model, which he designed on his return from a trip to Japan, and a special model that he created in tribute to Christo, the artist and designer globally renowned for wrapping large structures such as the Pont Neuf in Paris and the Reichstag in Berlin.

Photograph of the Pont Neuf wrapped by Christo
Photograph of the Pont Neuf in Paris wrapped by the artist Christo

Piscinelle concept in tribute to the artist Christo
Piscinelle concept in tribute to Christo

The inspiration for our swimming pools comes from multiple sources including a great name in contemporary art - David Hockney. This British artist provided the inspiration for several Piscinelle catalogue covers (a true showcase for the company), espousing an intimate vision of swimming pools with minimalist aesthetics promoted by Piscinelle, which is a far cry from the usual, often ostentatious clichés.

The David Hockney painting that inspired Piscinelle
A bigger splash, 1967, the legendary David Hockney work that inspired Piscinelle

Cover of the 2003 Piscinelle catalogue inspired by David Hockney
Cover of the 2003 Piscinelle catalogue

An award-winning vision of design

Piscinelle receives regular press coverage, particularly in the home decor and design press. A host of top design publications have celebrated Piscinelle's trademark expertise and skilful integration, including IDEAT, Art&Décoration, Marie Claire Maison and ELLE déco.

The Villa Noailles, an arts centre of national interest and key opinion leader on design, also paid tribute to Piscinelle by featuring the company in its Domestic Pools exhibition.

Moreover, Piscinelle's unique vision of design is fêted in the swimming pool industry, with over 10 FPP Trophies to its name!

We would like to take this opportunity to show our immense gratitude to our customers for placing their trust in us and skilfully giving substance to a very specific concept of what a swimming pool should be.


Here are some examples of swimming pools with that trademark Piscinelle contemporary design:

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Last updated on 10/05/2024

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