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Piscinelle is a model 100% French SME built on family capital. In an era of globalisation, where investment funds have a stake in most of its competitors, it strives to ensure its long-term future and remain dynamic through a policy of constant innovation. This is now clearly hardwired into the brand's DNA.

Here are some of the innovations we have introduced in the past few years alone (besides inventing the concept of a pool with a wooden structure):
o In 2011, the company created the Winter Deck and launched the Piscinelle Iki (a fully-equipped XS lap pool)
o In 2012, the Piscinelle College was set up and the MF5 filtration panel (a totally unique, patented stainless steel filtration interface) was invented
o In 2013, the Rolling-Deck was invented, the Piscinelle Gold range was launched and the swimming pool academy was set up
o In 2014, Piscinelle took an unprecedented initiative in the industry by launching its cswimming pool community. Already the leader of the small pool market, Piscinelle also launched six new XXS models.


Piscinelle has achieved all this and much more from its plant in Domont, Val d'Oise since 1979. It's still possible to manufacture in France and by choosing Piscinelle, you are supporting "Made in France" as a concept.

Last updated on 14/12/2023

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