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Which submerged pool steps should I choose for my pool?

Submerged pool steps are an essential part of any successful pool project. Discover all our standard and bespoke options here.

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The precision art of living

Find out how to give your garden a new dimension with three stylish, intelligently designed, integrated equipment items.

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What material should you use for your pool surrounds?

For inspiration, here are some examples of swimming pool builds with different types of finishes including wooden decks, tiling, composite and natural stone.

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Discover the various benefits of having a pool

Swimming pools come with a number of benefits besides providing their owners with the opportunity for a regular swim. Piscinelle provides the details.

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Why choose a swimming pool manufacturer?

Peace of mind and a reliable service are just some of the significant benefits of dealing directly with a swimming pool manufacturer for your project.

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Urban pool, city pool – Piscinelle can do it

Is it possible to have swimming pools built in city-centre properties? It is with Piscinelle. This page provides you with everything you need to know about urban swimming pools.

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Pool maintenance – Winterising your pool

When autumn comes, it's time to winterise your pool to protect it from the wind, rain and frost.

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Exercising in your swimming pool

Piscinelle solutions allow you to exercise in your swimming pool!

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Competition – take a look at the Piscinelle Gold awards

Check out the finest examples of Piscinelle pool integration with the Piscinelle Gold awards

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