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Swimming pool water treatment system

Water is the essential element of your swimming pool. Each Piscinelle is equipped with an efficient complete traditional filtration system. We offer additional options below to keep your pond upkeep to a minimum and a breeze.
Useful info: the quality of the water in a swimming pool depends 70% on its mechanical filtration provided by its circulation and passage through the filter. Consider extending the filtration time of the water from the first heat and swim.

pH controller

Automated pH control equipmentTo ensure bathing comfort and water treatment efficiency, a pool's pH (water balance) should be kept between 7.2 and 7.4. An automated pH controller keeps pH within the right range so you don’t have to.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"It monitors the pH for me, which is really convenient"
Éric Poujol, owner of a Piscinelle Bo4.5


Perform-Max treatment

Automated bromine water treatmentThe Perform-Max brominator is an automated bromine treatment device. Once the unit is primed with bromine tablets, this very robust and user-friendly piece of equipment uses the flow from the pool's filtration pump to evenly diffuse chemicals in water flowing through the swimming pool's filtration circuit. It therefore does not need to be connected to the power.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"The Perform-Max helps me manage my water balance on a daily basis"
Jacques Marchand, owner of a Piscinelle Bo4.5


Salt water chlorinator

An electromechanical salt water chlorinator enables automatic treatment of swimming pool water. This device with its electromechanical components is an extremely reliable solution.
Chlorine production is automatically adjusted (4 adjustable levels of production). Cleaning the cells is easy due to a system whereby the polarity is reversed each time the filter is reactivated.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"We decided to buy a salt water chlorinator 6 months ago and we no longer have to worry about treating our pool"
Jean Billarde, owner of a Piscinelle Cr6



Pool cleaner

Max 1 pool cleaner If you want all the enjoyment of your pool without any of the work, let the MAX 1 AquaNaut 250 clean your pool so you don’t have to.
 The MAX 1 cleaner is autonomous, lightweight, efficient and very easy to use. It can be connected directly to the skimmer or suction inlet and is supplied with 10 metres of piping. This unit equipped with a wide suction inlet and ribbed wheels ensures a deep clean regardless of your pool’s size or shape.

Technical details

Customer feedback
"The pool is clean and the cleaner never breaks down ... it’s ideal for us!"
Christine Cayron, owner of a Piscinelle Cr8


Handy maintenance kit

Pool maintenance kitThis exclusive Piscinelle kit contains a set of pool maintenance products. The equipment is easy to use and manufactured to the highest standards.

Technical details

The full kit includes:

Customer feedback
"A comprehensive kit for maintaining my pool"
Sarah Laroque, owner of a Piscinelle Rd6


Last updated on 06/04/2022

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