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Every year, a competition is held to choose our customers' most attractive build. The Piscinelle Gold award winners presented below showcase our customers' talent for pushing the envelope and creating uniquely evocative aesthetics. This award also gives Piscinelle employees the opportunity to celebrate diversity, as its primary focus is on how elements are blended seamlessly with their surroundings subsequent to their initial design.

2018 Piscinelle Gold award

2018 Piscinelle Gold award - A poolside getaway

A poolside getaway … this phrase neatly summarises our feelings about this Piscinelle pool. This image taken in the middle of the garrigue evokes moments of exceptional peace and quiet. You can feel everything in this photo … the warm caress of the midday sun, the scent of lavender in the air, delicious smells emanating from a dinner table packed with friends enjoying a lunch of garlic mayonnaise and goat's cheese produced by the nearby farm … you can almost hear the bees gathering pollen and making honey for you as you take a well-earned nap after a hearty lunch … we'll leave you to choose between the bliss of a hammock or deckchair!

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2017 Piscinelle Gold award

2017 Piscinelle Gold award - A traditional swimming pool in the grounds of a mansion in the Greater Paris Region.

This simple and elegant Piscinelle pool stood out for its understated modernity. The vast expanse of genuine ipe wood with its natural shades of grey provides a luxurious sheen with silvery reflections that are easy on visitors' eyes. This classic pool is a slightly elongated rectangle tending towards a lap pool. Its slate grey liner gives it the feel of a natural pool and is perfectly coordinated with the surrounding decks. This build nestled in greenery is a worthy winner of the 2017 Piscinelle Gold award!

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2016 Piscinelle Gold award

2016 Piscinelle Gold award - An innovative, contemporary pool with Rolling-Deck - the new generation of intelligently designed mobile decks.

As if installed on a huge carpet combining thousands of shades of green, this Piscinelle pool is hypnotic with its changing water colour and reflections from the shifting skies above giving a unique sense of depth. Equipped with a Rolling-Deck, this pool set-up makes complete sense, while also exuding the type of simple elegance that we adore. This is an eco-pool both in terms of its water management and the materials used to make it, and was a worthy winner of the 2016 Piscinelle Gold award for its pioneering spirit and overall design.

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2015 Piscinelle Gold award

2015 Piscinelle Gold award - Eco-pool surrounded by woodland with a highly contemporary feel due to its unobtrusive pit-mounted slatted cover and bright red furniture.Nestled among trees offering their benevolent protection and bathed in bright light due to almost translucent foliage ... that's the 2015 Piscinelle Gold award winner. It is a true eco-designer pool due to its ability to blend with this leafy setting and delight us with a bucolic play of light that sparkles on petrol blue water. The contemporary, bright-red outdoor furniture modernises the scene, immersing us in the 21st century. We found this juxtaposition both pleasing and fascinating.

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2014 Piscinelle Gold award

2014 Piscinelle Gold award - Contemporary inground pool in Switzerland

This Piscinelle pool was installed very near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Its owner wanted to build a designer, minimalist pool to highlight the contemporary architecture of his building. We chose this Piscinelle pool as the 2014 winner for the way it blends in perfectly with its surroundings due to its shape, colour scheme, and understated look.

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2013 Piscinelle Gold award

2013 Piscinelle Gold award - Modern, minimalist inground pool

In the spirit of the times. These are the words that came to mind when we first saw this build by our customer. It is modern, clean, simple and blends seamlessly with its surroundings. This 2013 Piscinelle Gold award winner demonstrates once again that a project's success depends more on good advice on positioning and proportionality with your garden than on budget. Nice work!

2012 Piscinelle Gold award

2012 Piscinelle Gold award - Semi-inground designer pool on Lake Annecy

A gem. This Piscinelle nestled on the banks of Lake Annecy exudes queenly elegance. We had no hesitation in choosing it as the Piscinelle Gold award winner for 2012. It boasts an incredible view and is simple yet majestic, all highlighted by a black liner... This pool is just like a mirror reflecting perfect blue skies. A designer, simple yet breathtaking pool.

2011 Piscinelle Gold award

2011 Piscinelle Gold award - Traditional pool in the hills overlooking Eze

Do we even need to explain why we chose this pool as the Piscinelle Gold award winner for 2011? A pool overlooking such magnificent landscape .... is no easy feat and this Piscinelle pool pulls it off to perfection. A sparkling pool, a perfect water curtain, stylish decorative touches, an exquisite ipe deck... It was also a real technical feat to perch this swimming pool on such steep terrain. In short, this customer fully deserves an award.


2010 Piscinelle Gold award

2010 Piscinelle Gold award - Designer indoor pool

An indoor pool for a change. We chose this Piscinelle pool as our 2010 Piscinelle Gold award winner for its completely unique look. We fell for the mirrors, lighting, water colour and overall warmth of this indoor pool in central Paris. Its look is extremely effective and we're proud of it too!


2009 Piscinelle Gold award

2009 Piscinelle Gold award - above-ground swimming pool in the Luberon region

Perched on a mountainside. We were blown away by this unusual build installed on a rooftop. This above-ground swimming pool with a unique look is something we'll never get tired of. A Piscinelle Gold award is fitting recognition for a customer who was ecstatic to have such a fantastic backdrop for his swims!

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