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We at Piscinelle firmly believe that our customers' requirements in terms of pool dimensions are neither a luxury nor a whim, but rather essential factors for the consistency of their project.

That's why we'll get as close as possible to your required dimensions, whatever these might be, without adding anything to the price. When quoting, we'll apply the same system as for our standard models without adding any additional costs for a bespoke product.

We believe that creating a harmonious setting for your entire swimming pool project is a design prerequisite. This means sticking closely to the required proportions without straying from your budget.

For Piscinelle, this is another facet of value designer pools.

All our prices for bespoke projects will be quoted by your Piscinelle Adviser. To get an idea of the price of your bespoke project, choose the shape that most closely resembles the one you want for your project and dimensions that are closest to those required. If your project is smaller, the price will be lower and vice versa.

Here are some examples of bespoke pools:

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Last updated on 29/07/2022

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