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A new solution for all swimming pool and hot tub owners - the Rolling-Deck® mobile swimming pool deck.

Piscinelle has revolutionised the concept of decks, covers, protection, and even swimming pool safety by inventing the Rolling-Deck®!

The Rolling-Deck® is both a mobile deck and safety system, which can be positioned either over the pool or adjacent to it with the greatest of ease. You can switch between swimming pool and deck in seconds, radically changing your living space.

This new solution is a hit among our customers, with increasing numbers of them falling for its trailblazing design and simplicity every year. ""It's the ultimate intelligently designed product,"" says Laure Jolie, owner of a Cr4.

Rolling-Deck® is now available for owners of inground swimming pools or hot tubs of all brands. Depending on the size of your project, we can offer various solutions that move in different directions, including a nested system for small pools!


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A quality mobile swimming pool deck setting uniquely high standards

Besides the fact that the Rolling-Deck represents a major innovation, each part is honed to perfection both in terms of quality and aesthetics. Over two years' R&D have gone into ensuring that our rolling pool decks offer consistent quality. This process has culminated in the Rolling-Deck®, which is now the French high-end mobile pool deck market leader and has already received several awards!

With its ipe framework and slatted surface, this product is easy and reliable to use, durably designed, ecologically manufactured, and yet still attractive.

Either or both parts of the Rolling-Deck® can be opened up by sliding them on the aluminium tracks that have been specially designed and developed for your Rolling-Deck®.

Each Rolling-Deck® is tailored to our customers' projects and is fully pre-assembled and tested in our joinery workshop in France prior to delivery.


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Last updated on 12/09/2023

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