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Swimming pool borders and deck

We offer two ways to finish your pool: either by opting for one of the two copings below and which will allow you to underline your pool with the elegance of a frame or by leaving the terrace flush with the body of water for total purity and discretion.

Classic ipe swimming pool border

Margelle de piscine en ipéYour choice of border is a key element in the look of your Piscinelle pool. This is a personal choice, which depends on your setting.

Technical details

- finished section: 145mm x 22mm
- Pool overhang: approximately 15mm
Border components are inbuilt and fixed to the structure with stainless steel screws. They should be cut and adjusted on-site.

Ipe is an extremely hard and heavy wood variety that is naturally rot-proof. Although it may show some traces of woodworm, cross-grain, or colour variations, this has no bearing on the wood's ageing or durability.

The unobtrusive Classic ipe border, which blends with a wooden deck on the same level is an exceptionally contemporary feature.

Piscinelle helps protect the environment and natural renewable resources. Keen to protect the Brazilian rainforest, our company only purchases ipe from IBAMA-approved companies operating in the state of Mato Grosso, guaranteeing that: "any wood used is sourced from a viable forestry management project and subject to authorisation of duly controlled deforestation."

Design border straight cut
Design border mitred cut


Design Plus borders

Design Plus swimming pool borderThe Design+ border is Piscinelle's response to creating the fluid lines required for a swimming pool boasting cutting-edge aesthetics.

It is integrated "on one level", creating a direct relationship between deck and water.

The unobtrusive Design+ border, which blends with a wooden deck on the same level is an exceptionally contemporary feature.

Technical details

Customer feedback
“The unobtrusive Design Plus border is exactly what we wanted."
Dominique Chazal, owner of a Piscinelle Cr7b


Ipe deck

Ipe swimming pool deckAn ipe deck is a natural extension of your Piscinelle pool and is the perfect place for relaxation or games. It also adapts to all types of terrain, defying slopes and obstacles and incorporating trees and flowerbeds to exude charm and aesthetic appeal.

"Full" ipe deck (or other wood variety of equivalent quality*) Smooth boards 3.00 lm base per 1m², 30 x 6 x 50mm stainless steel screws

*In line with our sustainable development commitments and responsible wood procurement policy.


Pine deck

Pine swimming pool deckThis area surrounding your Piscinelle pool is the ideal place to hang out and will soon become the most popular space in your home for relaxing, taking a break, chilling out and also meeting up, dining and interacting.

We have chosen autoclave class 4 treated Scots pine (from Sweden/Finland) for our deck.

With its beautiful golden brown shades and attractive graining, this pine area is the perfect peaceful haven.

All our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

What material should you use for your pool surrounds?


Last updated on 06/04/2022

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