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The Piscinelle Group is engaged in a TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT process based on an information system and fully bespoke business CRM system that is constantly being updated.

Quality processes are applied at each stage of production - compressive strength testing of equipment units, order completeness inspections using RFID chips, video inspections of swimming pool assembly, systematic checking of sub-assemblies, unit testing of ipe parts, etc. Based on optimised production flows, it is possible to produce bespoke Piscinelle pools for each customer very quickly.

Moreover, the Piscinelle Group regularly files patents with the French National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI). For instance, it developed the market's most compact and comprehensive filtration interface requiring no holes to be drilled through the liner. Besides being quick to install, this system enables the liner's integrity to be maintained, thus extending its service life.

Piscinelle’s patents

All our patents and models are filed with the INPI.

They are proof of the uniqueness and performance of our swimming pools, from the structure assembly process to the method used for attaching borders. They protect inventions and research conducted by our design office and guarantee that your swimming pool will always be a Piscinelle pool. Every year, Piscinelle files numerous patents enabling us to maintain quality standards that are unrivalled in the swimming pool market.



Last updated on 14/12/2023

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