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A kit that is easy to install

Thousands of our customers have built their own Piscinelle pools over the past 20 years. Thanks to the numerous patents filed by our design office, the simplicity of their Piscinelle pool's assembly system, and support tools made available to them, they were able to build their dream pool without all the inconvenience and expense of a traditional building site (customers report average savings of €7,000).

2018 Gold Trophy for a swimming pool installed by a private individual

10 steps to assemble your Piscinelle kit

These steps are performed one after the other following a simple process and require no technical knowledge or DIY experience. These 10 steps can be performed with family or friends.

  1. Mark out the footprint of your Piscinelle pool on the ground
  2. Dig out this footprint creating a hole for the pool structure
  3. Unpack your Piscinelle pool
  4. Stack up the aluminium sheet piles that form the structure - your Piscinelle pool has already taken shape
  5. Pour in a layer of cement to create a nice flat bottom
  6. Clip on the liner using our patented system based on pre-positioned markers
  7. Install the filtration unit without having to drill through the liner (Piscinelle patent)
  8. Fit the tubes leading to the filtration system
  9. Fill in the edges of your Piscinelle pool
  10. Fill the pool with water using a garden hose and invite your family and friends for a swim!

Discover the 10 steps to assemble your Swimming Pool kit in a 3D animation:

Tools for installing your self-build pool

Piscinelle provides the following to help you with your installation:


A kit awarded several times!

This Piscinelle pool installed by its owner Mr Gérarcy, a mountain guide was awarded the 2014 Gold Trophy for a swimming pool installed by a private individual by the French Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals.



Piscinelle customer testimonials and feedback

“With the help of two friends, I built my Piscinelle pool in less than a week. We even treated ourselves to a water curtain with the money saved on installation!”
Arnaud Tévier, owner of a Piscinelle Cr7.

“Our kids chose the spot and my husband and I installed our family Piscinelle pool in three weekends. "
Loubna Zemour, owner of a Piscinelle Cr4.

"Even as someone who's not great at DIY, I would certainly encourage other customers to install their pools themselves. The training session gave me confidence. I was reluctant at first, but the training convinced me to go for it. As a result, I’ve saved over €4,000 in building costs! At that price, I thought come on, I can do this!"
Vincent Borry, owner of a Piscinelle Bo3.5.

“The trainer was excellent. After attending the Piscinelle College, I was able to approach my project with total confidence and saved over €5,000 in the process."
Philippe Boyer-Vidal, owner of a Piscinelle Cr6.



A pool that is both kit and high-end

Kits are often associated with cheap, medium-quality products. While this may be true of some other brands, Piscinelle has strived to achieve the exact opposite for the past 35 years. Welcome behind the scenes of the high-end swimming pool kit maker, whose pools are mostly inground, but can also be installed semi-inground or above-ground.

From day one, the Piscinelle Group has marketed products with long warranties, a luxury the manufacturer can afford due to its pools' unfailing durability. At the same time, ensuring that a kit remains easy to install is … well, not easy. That's why the brand devotes a considerable portion of its R&D budget to researching and filing patents enabling unique ease-of-installation.

Gold Trophy for a swimming pool installed by a private individual
This ecological and durable self-built swimming pool was awarded the Gold Trophy for a swimming pool installed by a private individual in 2012

Piscinelle believes that in order to be high-end, a product must be durable and maintain customer satisfaction in the long-term.

Piscinelle achieves these high standards by using impeccable quality materials as a permanent pioneer in terms of developing and obtaining certificates and accreditations guaranteeing the traceability of its raw materials.

All other components of your Piscinelle pool are produced by top global manufacturers.

Piscinelle Quality Assurance pictogram

Piscinelle provides all the guarantees required of a high-end product.

Find out more about our swimming pool structures


Is there such thing as a simple kit?

Assemblage des palplanches en aluminium double-peau de la structure Piscinelle.In aluminum, the structure consists of sheet piles that interlock vertically, amethod that combines simplicity and unfailing durability.

Installing the liner is child's play thanks to Piscinelle's stainless steel filtration interfaces (like this stainless steel Bt25), which require no holes to be drilled in the liner!


Bt25 en inox PiscinelleBasically, a weekend's work with a few friends is all it takes to start sharing some unforgettable moments with your loved ones! And at the same time (a word to the wise) you get the best value for money the market has to offer!


Configure your Piscinelle pool 

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