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There are plenty of reasons for choosing an above-ground swimming pool - constraints in terms of steeply sloping ground or a house raised above the level of the garden, natural safety features, ease of disassembly, or even a desire to install a Piscinelle in a lake.

As a swimming pool manufacturer operating since 1979, Piscinelle supplies high-end above-ground pools and a wide range of accessories and equipment for swimming pools. To ensure that your above-ground swimming pool blends in seamlessly with your setting, Piscinelle offers a full site survey and a 3D simulation showing the positioning of your above-ground swimming pool in your garden free of charge. Above-ground swimming pools offer the benefit of being quick to build as no earthworks are required. Consequently, they have less impact on your garden. Whether you require an inground or above-ground swimming pool for your project, you are sure to find a suitable pool in our range.

Examples of above-ground swimming pools:

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Last updated on 31/07/2023

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