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This small city-centre swimming pool is the perfect illustration of Piscinelle's unique expertise - a pool and Rolling-Deck® ideal for sharing precious moments that have been harmoniously integrated in a confined space.

Obviously, the Rolling-Deck securing the pool was a key feature of the project. Once closed, it not only puts the pool off-limits, but also allows the space to be reused by arranging garden furniture on it. This is a major plus in a city-centre garden.

Customer feedback
" We wanted a small, discreet designer pool that could easily be secured. We are 100% satisfied with the project and the way it has been implemented. "

By incorporating a Rolling-Deck, it was also possible to limit the area of wooden decking required, since the Rolling-Deck itself can be used as decking once deployed. This enabled our customers to add pebbles as a finish that is both contemporary and Zen-like.

The Piscinelle Cr5 model (dimensions 5m x 3m) is fitted with an Escabanc step/tanning ledge unit enabling users to get in and out of the pool, while also giving the project genuinely sociable dimension - the steps provide a perfect place to read in peace in the sun, chat with friends, play with children, or enjoy a cocktail - a Sunset might be an appropriate choice!

The pool is equipped with a filtration panel (MF5), which, in addition to its design and 316 L stainless steel finish, avoids the need to drill holes in the liner to ensure your Piscinelle pool permanently stays in perfect condition and prevent any risk of leaks.

The pool liner is slate-grey, giving everything a natural feel.

Here's a video showing how quick and easy it is to operate a Rolling-Deck:

This Piscinelle pool was awarded the Silver Trophy for a night pool by a jury of journalists specialising in swimming pools, outdoors and lifestyle (click here to view all our FPP Trophies).

With immaculately landscaped surrounds and candles positioned atmospherically around the edges, this setting shows off the pool to magnificent effect, as if it were the one thing that had been missing all along.

Nothing beats night swimming on a warm summer's evening. The house is suddenly transformed into a faraway place, a holiday destination and getaway that has always been there without anyone noticing it. And once you've finished your midnight party or swim, you can leave your pool and garden with full peace of mind thanks to the Rolling-Deck, a genuine standard-approved safety device.


Take a look at the full photo-reportage:


Configure your Piscinelle pool

With Rolling-Deck With borders Grey liner

Last updated on 17/01/2022

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