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Nestled among the dunes just a few metres from the sea, this wooden house and its Piscinelle pool fitted with a Rolling-Deck radiate simplicity - and craftsmanship.

The main challenge in this unusual project was to equip the house with a pool without upsetting the balance of a remarkable setting.

The swimming pool and its Rolling-Deck lead directly onto the beach, giving a feel of natural simplicity.

When we describe it as "unusual", we're obviously referring to the geographic location. The English Channel with its long beaches covered in powdery sand is just a short, scenic stroll away. It is a soft pastel landscape reminiscent of a Marie Laurencin watercolour. The marram grass covering these dunes punctuates and structures the composition.

Customer feedback
"Our Piscinelle pool blends in perfectly and can be concealed in the off-season. It's easy to secure the pool with the Rolling-Deck, which was also important for us with young children."

It's also unusual for the way it fits in seamlessly - once the Rolling-Deck is closed, it's completely invisible and blends in with the rest of the deck. Once winter draws in and the long summer evenings by the poolside are over, the pool can be concealed. The ability to hide the pool in the off-season is just one of the benefits offered by the Rolling-Deck.

Shades of grey are elegantly coordinated, with interplay between the silvery-grey ipe deck, slate-grey pool liner, grey roof tiles and even the silvery leaves of the olive tree swaying in the sea breeze.

Bathed in the bright light of the Opal Coast, this build is easy on visitors' eyes and encourages restfulness. It's a genuine home spa.

A peaceful haven. This Piscinelle pool and its Rolling-Deck provides a canvas for subtle, myriad interplay between the greys of the deck, pool, Rolling-Deck, fence … and sometimes the northern sky.

Technical details of this pool:

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<10m² With Rolling-Deck With borders Grey liner

Last updated on 12/04/2022

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