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The question that springs immediately to mind when planning a swimming pool in your home is how much will my dream pool cost?

Basically, there are pools for all requirements and budgets, ranging from €10 for a small inflatable paddling pool to keep your under-5s entertained, to large inground pools costing €50,000, which both young and old can enjoy.
To give you an idea of the cost of a swimming pool, we have provided details of prices per swimming pool type (although please note that all pools are customisable and therefore their price is variable).
Moreover, the price of swimming pools also varies based on the materials used and the size of the pool.

Price of an above-ground pool:

Above-ground pools particularly inflatable pools are the most affordable type. The price of inflatable pools varies depending on the range, but rarely reaches the €600 mark (and is sometimes in the tens of euros for baby pools). The benefit of inflatable pools is that they are very quick and easy to install, since all you have to do is inflate and fill them using a garden hose. Also, since they are very cheap, you don't need to save up or seek financing. Basically, an inflatable pool provides an easy way of bathing and enjoying the summer.

Nowadays, above-ground self-build pools are also available. These are sturdier and therefore more expensive! These pools generally supplied as a kit are built directly on the ground, either on grass, a bed of sand, or concrete base. Various different materials can be used to make a self-build above-ground pool, including steel, wood and reinforced concrete, which also have an impact on the price. In terms of price, entry-level kits start at €1,000 and can sometimes cost €15,000 depending on the pool size, depth, materials, etc.

Price of an semi-inground pool:

Semi-inground pools are a real hit among all those seeking the look and quality of an inground pool at the lower price of an above-ground pool.

Semi-inground pools nevertheless require some alterations and works. There's a swimming pool model and material for all budgets. Semi-inground pools are available in wood, concrete, fibreglass or steel.

Price of an inground pool:

Inground pools are obviously the most expensive variety. In addition to their size, they also require building work and the pool must be installed by professionals. Inground pools are frequently viewed as ideal, durable, attractive, sturdy, heated pools. However, they are difficult to quote for as everything is customisable and the cost also depends on size. This is all part of the beauty of inground pools though, as you have greater freedom to tailor your pool to your requirements.

The price of a concrete inground pool depends on:

Therefore, prices range between €5,000 for a small inground pool and €50,000 for a large pool with all the trimmings!

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Last updated on 06/12/2021

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