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An urban swimming pool in Toulouse city centre

Every year, more and more clients are asking Piscinelle to manage the installation of city-centre swimming pools, a phenomenon that qualifies as a genuine fundamental trend. As such, swimming pools are no longer the preserve of those with vast areas of land at their disposal, and pools are increasingly used as sociable living areas rather than just somewhere to swim.


Drawing on its history, expertise and experience, Piscinelle makes the ideal partner for your "urban" or "city-centre" swimming pool project, depending on how you prefer to describe it!


A whole host of challenges must be overcome to successfully complete these types of installations.
The primary issue is aesthetics. In very confined spaces, professionals must give sound advice on pool proportions, positioning in the garden, and finishing touches to apply to the pool so it blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.
Technical challenges may also be faced. For instance, in many cases, parts may need to be brought through the house to build the pool, the land may have a steep gradient, or the house may be raised above the level of the garden. But don't panic - Piscinelle can handle it!

Here are some examples of builds in urban settings

Last updated on 06/12/2021

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