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Winterisation: General principles

When the water temperature drops below 14°C, it's time to winterise your pool. By winterising it, you can prevent frost-related issues.

Winterisation is a vital maintenance task. It is important to take care over it. If you do, it'll be very easy to reactivate your pool in spring.

Equipment required: a sufficient quantity of floats, skimmer guards and expansion plugs (if required for the filtration interface type), strap wrenches, tongue-and-groove pliers, pool winterising chemicals.

How to winterise your pool

The pool

If you have an equipment unit (BT60 or BT25)

If you have a filtration panel or shell fittings

(It is strictly prohibited to break any ice forming on the pool. This would tear the liner, invalidating the warranty.)

The equipment box

Pool with slatted cover

The steps that need to be taken are mostly the same, but:

All necessary equipment for winterising your Piscinelle pool can be found at

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Last updated on 06/12/2021

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