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A traditional swimming pool in the Walloon Brabant region of Belgium

This Piscinelle pool is installed within the grounds of a modern property with uncluttered spaces in the heart of Wallonia in Belgium. The pool is a true reflection of this designer house with its crisp lines, and provides a centrepiece for outdoor decorative features, which exhibit equal attention to detail as other rooms in the house.

This Piscinelle pool boasts a minimalist design, immaculate finishes, and quality materials fully in keeping with the high standards applied to the entire project.

This breathtaking swimming pool design in Belgium is based entirely on clean lines and boasts immaculate finishes with perfect right angles.

The blue carpet of the pool echoes the green carpet of the lawn and resonates like a vast array of geometric shapes and colours with the white walls of the house. If you squint, it looks like a new form of abstract art.

Customer feedback
We wanted a perfect rectangle, an immaculately presented swimming pool forming a mirror in front of our living room. The result speaks for itself.

Although the garden is large enough to install a pool away from the house, providing a separate area for aquatic fun, a clear decision was taken to do the exact opposite. The pool was kept close to the patio doors of the living room, thus maximising the integration of this indoor space into the project and making it a perfectly consistent feature leading directly to the outdoor area designed as a genuine fifth room of the house. Indeed, this precision-designed pool also provides a focus for precious moments together as a family, so as well as the satisfaction it gives as a thing of great beauty, it also brings the joy of outbursts of companionship and love!


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With borders Grey liner Slatted cover

Last updated on 01/06/2022

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