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Simplicity, purity and aesthetics are combined in this Piscinelle pool that radiates an extremely pared-down pool spirit.

This Piscinelle pool installed in the Greater Paris Region has been designed to mirror a designer house, itself reminiscent of the Villa Savoye.

This minimalist, almost restrained build embodies the spirit of Le Corbusier. The long white walls, stanchions supporting the first floor, and geometric interplay between the blocks comprising the house and the bright expanse of water are all details linking the overall design to 20th-century modernism.

This extremely bright swimming pool is soothingly pure and simple in the pleasant spring sunlight.

Visitors cannot help but be impressed by the overall effect, which is majestic without going over the top or succumbing to pretensions of grandeur.

Customer feedback
" We wanted a durable, concrete-free pool whose design needed to be very simple and clean. We were impressed with Piscinelle and the result is plain to see."

Our customer wanted the pool to be completely minimalist in keeping with the house - a sort of crystal-clear mirror embodying a new pool spirit. Restrictions on style often improve the substance, like a good poem forced to obey strict structural conventions. The result is a pool that reflects the elegance and purity of its setting right down to the smallest details.

The crisp lines, perfect right angles, harmonious dimensions that perfectly complement the blocks of the house, and the invisible links between the wood-imitation tiled patio and swimming pool are all hallmarks of long-standing expertise that is kept low-key.

Impressive yet discreet, bright yet elegant like a mirror pool in the Alhambra, this design puts the observer in a meditative state and provides a new source of delight for the family.

Here, the summertime dream of strolling down the garden stairs, padding across a tiled patio warmed by the sun, testing the water on your Piscinelle pool's Escabanc, and then fully immersing yourself has been made a reality.


Technical details of this pool:


Take a look at the full photo-reportage (photo credit: Fred Pieau):



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Last updated on 17/01/2022

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