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When night falls…

With its pure lines, well-positioned lighting, and landscaped setting, this night pool exudes a hypnotic sense of purity, distilling simplicity and beauty.

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Luxury, calm and voluptuousness…

Facing the sea, this rectangle with reflections combining petrol blue and cloudy skies stretches out serenely evoking peace: it's time for an

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The authorised luxury of a pool

View photos of this house build project in the French department of Hauts-de-Seine, with an unconventional pool space that was part of the plan from the outset.

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A Piscinelle inspiring wanderlust…

Are you looking for escapism and a garden that makes you feel elsewhere? Why not separate the pool area from the house and use it to embody an alternative reality?

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A renovated swimming pool near Brussels in Belgium

Take a look at the photo-reportage on this entirely renovated large traditional swimming pool on the outskirts of Brussels (Belgium) surrounded by a wooden deck.

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A modern swimming pool in the Walloon Brabant region of Belgium

Take a look at this magnificent traditional swimming pool in the heart of the Walloon Brabant region of Belgium with its taut lines, clean design, immaculate finishes and quality materials.

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A modern, minimalist design capturing the pool spirit

Everyone plans their swimming pool based on their personality and desires. In this case, exquisite aesthetics and total minimalism are the defining characteristics of this build boasting an unrivalled standard of quality.

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Large, modern rectangular pool with a pit-mounted slatted cover.

Photo-reportage on a large, minimalist rectangular pool surrounded by slate-grey paving. A build with taut lines and a modern look.

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