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An urban pool

City pool, country pool … it's clear which camp this pool falls in! This Piscinelle pool in central Nantesbetween the Nord Beauséjour, Hauts Pavés - Saint-Félix and Rocher d'Enfer districts is the new centre of gravity for this ultra-modern house.

The project involved a full renovation of an old building aimed at preserving old features while adding an extension to the house and a swimming pool to give everything a new lease of life.

This type of installation in urban centres is increasingly popular, with more and more projects carried out on sites that appear unsuited to a swimming pool with surprisingly stylish results and innovative management of space.

La piscine est traitée comme une pièce à part entière de la maison. Elle apporte un sentiment de vacances et de détente jusqu'à l’intérieure...

Here, just kilometres from the Belle Étoile roundabout in Nantes, the pool takes centre-stage in a garden that is used as an additional room of the house.

This also embodies a significant trend in which people treat their swimming pool as a piece of household equipment like a frying pan or a sofa in a living room. In this new order, gardens are used as houses' fifth rooms and pools, once the preserve of country houses, are increasingly springing up in urban locations!

A stylish, fully-equipped pool

In parallel with this urban trend, pool design is becoming an increasingly important factor for new pool buyers. Obviously, swimming in the pool and using it as a space to enjoy good company are still key criteria. However, as in many other areas, design has become an essential component in projects.

In this project, the slate-grey liner, stainless steel filtration panel and Piscinelle water curtain are perfectly coordinated with the zinc sheets used to clad the house extension.

Customer feedback
We saw the swimming pool as a key element in the house refurbishment. We really wanted to make it a designer feature visible from every room in the house, infusing the space with its spirit.

Similarly, the ipe used for the decks goes grey developing silvery shades, also complementing the metal fittings.

The pool is surrounded by designer features reflecting the latest trends including Fermob® outdoor furniture. The artificial grass also accentuates the modern feel of this project.

Piscine et reflets... une composition graphique tout à fait surprenante et d'une esthétique rare.

An urban pool is also a fully-equipped pool. This Piscinelle pool offers unrivalled simplicity and convenience with its heating, lighting, automated water treatment, endless pool unit, water curtain and filtration panel.


Boasting simplicity right from the installation stage, this designer pool won the French Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals Gold Trophy for the "swimming pool installed by a private individual" category.

Technical details of this build in Nantes:

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Last updated on 17/01/2022

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