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Despite the assurances provided by Piscinelle as a company and a product, the environment is now such a pressing issue that people are uncertain whether a swimming pool is a justifiable purchase. We are all faced with similar uncertainties over all our purchases, so we decided it was important to address this issue here. Based on the Piscinelle approach, we believe that building swimming pools with a focus on lifestyle and aesthetics does not preclude efforts to protect the environment for the common good.

These are the arguments we find most convincing and we are sure you will also have your own. 

A swimming pool is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase

A swimming pool is not a consumer item in the usual sense of the term. It is by no means an impulse buy. Investing in a swimming pool is not something you do every day. It is an evolving project that often develops over a period of years based on various carefully considered and personal factors.

Moreover, it is a purchase more akin to a responsible investment, considering that pools carry a 10 to 20-year warranty, increase the value of the family property, and are designed to be used by several generations. 

The permanence of a swimming pool project, its long-term nature, and unique contribution to family life clearly distinguish it from bad consumer habits.

Measured happiness

By installing a pool, you can significantly improve your home and quality of life. After all, our family home where we spend most of our lives and watch our loved ones grow and flourish deserves considerable care and attention. There are many ways to achieve self-fulfilment, including promoting well-being at home. That said, everyone clearly has their own idea of fulfilment! Some people's notion of bliss is swimming the breaststroke in their own pool. 

However, to each his own, and certain Audrey Hepburn once said: "Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it's closets"

Holidays at home

Un sentiment d'être en vacances depuis sa cuisine grâce à la présence de la piscine.Image to the left - with the pool just outside, sitting in the kitchen feels like being on holiday. By building a pool, you can transform your home into a perfect holiday spot. Obviously, one of the aims of installing a pool is to bring the family together and add cheer to your home, with the pool area becoming a sort of world apart that is by no means temporary or superficial. However, in more factual terms that transcend this approach reflecting the position of swimming pools in a potential Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the FPP states that using a pool for a full year (electricity, treatment chemicals, water, etc.) accounts for approximately 1.2% of a French household's average annual CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of a return flight from Paris to Nantes for one person in economy class. 

In other words, if having a swimming pool on your property prevents you from taking just one return flight in France once a year, its carbon footprint turns positive! And if your home pool substitutes even just one family holiday for four in an exotic location … purchasing a pool suddenly becomes a sustainable choice.

Guaranteed time out

The right to leisure, a societal issue initially considered purely the preserve of labour law is now something families address internally and concerns individuals' personal well-being long before they join the workforce. Based on feedback from our customers, we know that a swimming pool is a very effective diversion from mobile phones and other devices! Sunny days and summer nights are filled with games and laughter by the pool, far from the notifications that normally overwhelm us on a daily basis.

The desire to enhance time spent with others and reconnect family and friends is another good reason to install a pool. 

Piscinelle - a responsible product

With the right building methods, geographic distribution of suppliers and company location, a swimming pool manufacturer can ensure that you make a responsible decision in terms of the pool solution you choose. In that spirit, Piscinelle pools are designed to be eco-friendly and built to incorporate a genuine local dimension (see Piscinelle's CSR pledges). 

Swimming pools - an evolving product

La piscine basse consommation en eauTo the right is a chart showing the trend for swimming pool water consumption in France (source: FPP).
Modern swimming pools are also rapidly evolving products and their consumption of resources is falling steadily. Every year, increasingly energy-efficient new equipment including filtration pumps and heat pumps is available. Finally, according to an FPP (French Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals) study, the annual water consumption of the 1,350,000 family swimming pools installed in France is estimated at 0.05% of national water consumption (70% is used in agriculture). As outlined in the guidelines for using your Piscinelle pool, please note that swimming pools should not be emptied every year. Moreover, rainfall partly compensates for any necessary drainage and natural evaporation.

If you wish to share a comment or suggestion with us on these issues, please contact us!




Last updated on 06/12/2021

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