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This build was awarded the Gold Trophy for a "pool installed within a budget of €20,000" by the French Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals (find out more about the FPP Trophies).

A pool area that sprang from nowhere…

This Piscinelle pool was installed in an area below the main grounds of the house. The full potential of this previously unused space was tapped to make it the most popular gathering place in the garden.

Moreover, a swimming pool was an obvious choice for our customers whose main aim in this home improvement project was to make their new main residence an ultra-inviting home for their family.

L'espace qui était en contrebas du jardin a été rehaussé et réhabilité utilement en un espace piscine cosy et accueillant.

By installing a pool, our customers sought to increase the value of their house, expand the space by giving it a purpose - if only a decorative one - and enable them, on a daily basis, to enjoy the finer things in life that go way beyond a regular dip.

Like other customers' projects, this one took shape based on the twofold justification of a need to make smart use of garden space, thus making it "profitable", and a desire to have a pool at home. 

Keeping down costs without sacrificing style

In addition to these two factors that played a key role in the customer's decision-making process, a third priority was to keep to budget within the scope of a wider home improvement project

Customer feedback
"We really wanted a pool as a place to get together, but its look was also a key part of the project. The build Piscinelle quoted for us met all our requirements and was also on budget!"

This build was awarded a Swimming Pool Trophy by the FPP in the "swimming pool installed within a budget of €20,000" category.

In this project, the steeply sloping land was too enclosed to afford it decent exposure and poorly maintained, making it the ideal spot to install a Piscinelle pool. Given these factors, we positioned the pool entirely above ground, which meant there was no need to carry out earthworks, manage earth removal or supply backfill. With the savings made on building work, it was possible to produce an exquisite build within the constraints of a tight budget.

Entre les fauteuils Acapulco, les miroirs et la terrasse ipé tout nous donne la sensation d'un espace chaleureux... comme si l'ailleurs avait été apporté dans le jardin.

The pool unit was covered in wooden decking, which was installed on a set of struts rather than on the ground, adding virtually nothing to the cost while achieving a perfect finish.

Moreover, by raising the pool, it was possible to improve its exposure to the sun brightening up this rather drab, disused area. The sense of confinement created by the surrounding old dry-stone walls has even been harnessed to give this extremely cosy, pleasant pool area a cocoon-like feel. 


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