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A Piscinelle pool fit for the Majorelle Garden

Nowadays, there are multiple facets to pool design, not least of which is a pool’s ability to engage with people's imagination. This need for escapism met by an attractive end product hinges on the very practical necessity of successful technical integration tailored to the specific requirements of individual installation sites.

Here ... and elsewhere

Given the current circumstances, people are taking more local holidays (see our survey on this topic) and working longer hours from home, meaning their homes – and by extension, their gardens – are more vital than ever to individual well-being.

This house decked out in Majorelle blue, that legendary colour similar to International Klein Blue®, creates an immediate impact. The intense, ultra-bold colours of the surrounding designer objects are coordinated intelligently and subtly to spellbinding effect. And, as if gazing at a Matisse collage, we find ourselves embarking on a journey…

The very sight of this Piscinelle pool almost immediately transports us far, far away.

Customer feedback
"Why not take a daily trip to the Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh in the comfort of your own home? Why not create a haven worthy of the most stylish features in Elle Déco?"

In the shade of the trees whose patterns meander across the azure façade, it feels like being on the other side of the Mediterranean. Suddenly, the oak becomes a palm tree and the pool a palace fountain where the silhouettes of Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé can be seen strolling on our paths in a daydream…

Regardless of the lockdown situation, travel restrictions, or any cancelled plans, this is clearly a more enjoyable place to spend the long hours at home than elsewhere… it's a truly inspiring build!

When everything looks so simple…

Looking at the pool, its crisp lines, the way it complements the house geometrically, and the purity of the whole scene, which verges on the primitive, the word that springs immediately to mind is simplicity. And yet... when everything appears simple, this is often a sign of real complexity.

A successful pool project providing visitors with a soothing visual focus requires integration meeting very real standards. The strength of a bespoke build also lies in work that is perfectly tailored to specific constraints encountered on site.

In this case, the building is in a much higher position than the garden, with limited width between the house wall and the land boundary. The pool very naturally adapts to each specific requirement without ever losing sight of what matters most: creating a sense of harmony synonymous with style and aesthetics.

This fully above-ground Piscinelle pool makes the most of the very steeply sloping land. Moreover, its aesthetic qualities and magnetic charm are all clear to see.


Technical details of this above-ground pool installed in the Loire-Atlantique department of France:


View all photos of this Piscinelle pool fit for the Majorelle Garden (photo credit: Fred Pieau) :


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Last updated on 17/01/2022

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