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This highly alluring indoor lap pool in a gîte opens out onto the Anjou countryside.

It is contemporary while deliberately retaining a rustic feel and boasts modern lines and equipment while also perfectly complementing the time-worn objects surrounding it.

The wide patio doors along the length of the pool provide a series of vignettes of the Anjou countryside. When sat on the indoor sofas, the pool becomes a hypnotic mirror urging guests at this gîte to lose themselves in their thoughts.

We should point out that this pool was installed from a kit and won the Gold Trophy for a swimming pool installed by a private individual. It stands testament to Piscinelle's expertise and consulting skills on self-build projects, an option taken up by many of its customers.

Piscinelle's self-build pools are all high-end products. The proof can be seen in this perfect build.

Customer feedback
" We wanted the best for our customers. The major benefit with Piscinelle is that we were able to do everything ourselves without skimping on quality … and treat ourselves to this magnificent pool."

This gîte in the middle of the countryside is surrounded by fields and and herds of animals going quietly about their business, providing a strong link with nature. It's like a haven of colours and scents, which is apt considering that this designer gîte is named Le Chromatic.

The wooden surrounds are made of pine, giving this indoor pool an authentic feel. The crystal-clear water in the pool and the sun's reflections on the perfectly calm surface give a sense of peace to the scene providing an ideal space for visitors to rest or become lost in their thoughts.

This bright, elegant pool is like a magnet hypnotising visitors.

The transition between the in and outdoor areas is very effective and remarkably subtle.


Technical details of this pool:


Take a look at the full photo-reportage (photo credit: Fred Pieau):

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Last updated on 17/01/2022

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